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The Spirit Of Sculpture

Matombo is a group of travelling sculptors who work within the grounds of Newby Hall. Why not come over to Newby hall to spend an afternoon with Matthew & Dudzai. You and your children can get to work with the stone and learn new skills.

Our Sculptures

Our sculptures are from many different parts of Zimbabwe. We buy direct from solo artists, small workshops and co-operatives. There are no ‘middlemen’ and all of the money is paid directly to the artist. Zimbabwe has and still is going through tough times. For us to be able to bring you a little bit of the Zimbabwe that represents their people and their wonderful outlook on life even in the face of troubled times is a privilege.

Available To Purchase on Site at Newby Hall. Delivery and installation service available

Feel free to click on the images below to find out more about the featured sculpture.

These photos are examples of the different styles we normally have in stock.

School Sculpting Workshops

To find out more about our School Culture and Sculpture workshops, please click on the appropriate link in the menu.

Let you family or pupils get hands on with sculpting under the watchful eyes of visiting Zimbabwean artists Matthew and Dudzai.



Come and join us in the beautiful grounds of Newby Hall and Gardens where we will showcasing Zimbabwean sculpture works by renowned and emerging artists. Dudzai Mushawepwere and Matthew Nakhawale will be in residence for the event to give you a demonstration of how these wonderful sculptures are created. There is also a the opportunity to ‘have a go’ at carving. Tools and stone are available to try and all ages are welcome!  Prices start at only £10 for your own piece of indivdual,  unique handmade African art.

School Sculpting and Cultural Programmes

We have worked with many schools and educational groups over the last few years.

Family is a very important part of Zimbabwean life. To be able to share a small part of that culture with children in our own country and give them the opportunity to have a little bit of fun creatively using the sculpting materials is a very special, fun and exciting part of our business.

Why Children’s Programmes?

Matombo’s journey started with our love of Zimbabwean sculpture, its country and of course the passion and determination of its people.

While our initial aim was to try and bring some elements of this beautiful country to share with you, we never expected to ignite such interest from children and students who have seen or enjoyed spending time with us at our exhibitions and events. Invitations from schools to come and visit them and share more of the art and culture of Zimbabwe were initially something which, we shied away from.

Interested For Your School?

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That was, until a small primary school approached us, who to put it plainly, would not take no for an answer! We spent an incredible and enjoyable three weeks with them, during which the children learnt from our visiting Zimbabwean artists how to use sculpting tools, sculpt using the ‘Shona’ sculpting methods and lots about the life and culture of Zimbabwe in a fun and relaxed environment.

We have now worked with many schools, age groups, abilities and have tailored programmes to suit specific curriculum needs. We are open to ideas and thrive on seeing children and students work with a smile on their face!

Children’s Tool Starter Packs

For all those budding artists in the family, check out our Junior Sculptor Starter Packs. For £28, the pack includes:

  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Diamond Rasp
  • Goggles

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Feel free to drop us a message by using the contact form to the left. We try and get back to you within 48 hours. If, however, you would like to speak to a real Human, please phone 01423 322583.

Matombo are exhibiting at Newby Hall for the duration that the Hall & Gardens are open for the season.

We hope to see you there!

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Matombo Sculpture

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