Sculpture Workshops

sculpture workshopsDue to popular demand we have run many sculpting classes in the past and where possible we like to fit them in around the busy schedule of the artists Matthew and Dudzai who are only with us in the summer months.

The workshops are designed to suit every individual whether you are a professional sculptor or have no idea what a hammer is, let alone ever had the cause to use one!

Our workshops have been described as cathartic, relaxing and the ones we love to hear are where people discover their inner creativity which they never believed they possessed.

As well as all this our aim is for all our students to be able to leave us with the knowledge and skills to be able to create their own sculpture from conception to completion.

If you would like to register interest in getting involved in our sculpting workshops fill in the contact sheet on the HOME PAGE & we will keep in touch!

Day 1

Introduction to Shona Sculpture and its heritage – An opportunity to look around the warehouse and explore texture, shape and artistic styles from modern artists to those with a more traditional Shona approach.

Getting going with the tools – Familiarisation with the different tools and their use. During this time we work through the sculpting stages using the different tools to ensure students are comfortable with each stage before moving on.

Choose your stone – Now comes the best bit. Choose the stone you want to work on and let’s get going!

Day 2 & 3

Reaching Your Goal – Once students are confidently working on their own sculpture, artists/tutors Matthew and Dudzai are there to keep them on track and support them as they move forward.

Sometimes students just need a tweak here or there and other times they may decide to change their original ideas and Matthew and Dudzai are there to help them achieve their new vision.

Above: Students & Some Of Their Completed Work

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